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INTRODUCING "Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl"

A Ceramic Pro Nano-coating engineered to bond with paint protection film and wrap vinyl!

What is "Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl"?

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is a clear, multi-layerable, nano-ceramic liquid coating that, when cured, will transform itself on the surface to a slick, flexible glass shield.

The coating forms a chemical bond with the film that allows all of the empty pores on the surface to be filled, creating a brand new layer of protection.

This new product from Ceramic Pro is not the same as their industry leading Ceramic Pro 9H or the Light product. This unique chemical compound has been completely reengineered to bond with PPF (Paint Protection Film) and wrap vinyl. It adheres better to films and is better suited than the 9H product for any kind of vinyl protection work.

The complete Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl protection program involves using a base coat and a top coat. Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is the base coat. This is then layered with PPF & Vinyl Top Coat. The final layer is slightly softer than the main base protection coat. This allows for higher gloss and a deep wet look.

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Using a High Quality Vinyl Film with a Premium Coating makes for a winning combo!

Makes the Vinyl Film Surface Look Better

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl, layered with PPF & Vinyl Top Coat will reduce the orange peel look and add gloss to the film, making the new layer virtually undetectable to the human eye.

Less Maintenance

With the added slickness of the coated surface, contaminates such as bugs, dirt, and tar are less likely to stick to your car's film, making tasks such as washing the applied areas less labor intensive and less frequent.


The coating will help prevent or significantly slow down the etching process from elements such as bird droppings and tree sap. This buys the car owner time to remove the contaminant before it causes permanent damage.

Extended Lifespan

The UV Protection associated with the coating, in addition to the prevention of contaminants from entering the porous surface, will increase the film’s longevity by minimizing the yellowing process. This yields clearer film for an extended period.

Bonds to all PPF & Vinyl Films

Using our experience with nano-ceramic paint coating technology we chemically engineered Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl to create a covalent bond with vinyl films. Our unique ceramic coating is compatible with all paint protection and vinyl wrap films.

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